Connect a Worker Node to the Allora Network

Connecting a Worker to the Allora Netwokr

Nodes can participate in the Allora network and receive rewards for their inference work

While a network of workers and heads can run in isolation, its ultimate purpose is to be connected to the Allora network to receive inference requests, provide inferences and receive rewards.

Node registration

Both heads and workers need to be registered on chain to participate in the network.

This is done via the usage of --allora- flags on the head and worker.

Allora flags

The whole set of options can be seen by running allora-node --help. The most important ones are

--allora-node-rpc-address : The address for the client to connect to an Allora Blockchain node. (default "http://localhost:26657")

--allora-chain-home-dir: The Home folder of the client. It will use the user home if not set.

--allora-chain-key-name: The name of the key stored in the Allora Blockchain Wallet.

--allora-chain-restore-mnemonic : The restore mnemonic for an Allora Blockchain Wallet

--allora-chain-account-password : The password for an Allora Blockchain Wallet Key

Worker only

The worker needs to subscribe itself to a certain topic in order to provide inferences for it.

--allora-chain-topic-id: The topic id for the topic that the node will subscribe to and provide inferences for.