Stake Parameters

Stake Parameters

Parameters that affect both kinds of staking featured by Allora

There are two types of staking in Allora Network which run through different staking mechanisms: Validation staking and Reputational staking.

Validation staking comes from the popular staking module on Cosmos SDK. It is used when staking into Validator nodes.

Reputational staking is specific to Allora Network, and it is used to stake into Worker and Reputer nodes.

The parameters for the two types are specified below.

Reputational Staking

Parameters from the reputational-staking module on Allora Network. These are parameters for staking into reputers and workers.

These parameters are defined as "Chain Parameters" and can be found here.

The parameters of concern to reputers in particular are:

  • required_minimum_stake
  • remove_stake_delay_window

Validation Staking

Parameters from the validator-based staking module on Allora Network


Sets the duration for which tokens remain bonded after initiating the unbonding process.

Value: 1814400s (3 weeks)

Standard value.
A longer unbonding time enhances security by discouraging malicious actors and stabilizes token supply dynamics, but too long a period may inconvenience users who want to unstake their tokens promptly. This setting achieves a reasonable trade-off.


Sets the maximum number of validators allowed in the network.

Value: 100

Standard value.
It balances decentralization with network scalability. It will be regularly assessed and adjusted based on the network's growth and decentralization.


Determines the maximum number of entries in the staking transaction pool.

Value: 7

Standard value.
It balances the transaction pool size based on expected network demand. It will be regularly assessed and adjusted as the network evolves.


Sets the maximum number of historical entries stored in the staking module.

Value: 10000

Standard value.
It balances historical data retention with storage efficiency. It will be regularly assessed and adjusted based on storage capabilities and network requirements.


Specifies the denomination of the bonded tokens.

Value: 10000


Sets the minimum commission rate a validator can charge.

Value: 0.000000000000000000

Standard value. No minimum commission rate needs to be set. This incentivizes stakers into the validators, offering them higher rewards, and also as part of a community-building strategy.