Consensus Parameters

Consensus Parameters

Parameters that uniquely affect validators of the Allora Chain


Sets the maximum size of a block in bytes.

Value: 22020096

Standard value.
This parameter limits the block size, preventing excessive network load. However, setting it too low may restrict the number of transactions in a block. The current value strikes a balance between controlling block size and allowing for sufficient transaction throughput.


Sets the maximum amount of gas that can be used in a block.

Value: -1

Standard value.
The current setting allows for flexibility by indicating no limit on the maximum gas usage in a block. While this offers freedom for transactions, careful monitoring is needed to prevent potential abuse. This approach acknowledges the need for adaptability in a dynamic network environment.


Sets the maximum age (in blocks) of evidence that can be included in a block.

Value: 100000

Standard value.
By limiting the age of evidence, this parameter maintains network security by preventing the inclusion of outdated evidence. The chosen value strikes a reasonable balance between retaining relevant evidence and ensuring integrity of the network.


Sets the maximum age (in nanoseconds) of evidence that can be included in a block.

Value: 172800000000000

Standard value.
This parameter complements max_age_num_blocks by providing an additional measure to limit the inclusion of outdated evidence. The current setting aligns with the need for a comprehensive yet controlled approach to evidence inclusion.


Sets the maximum size of evidence in bytes.

Value: 1048576

Standard value.
Controlling the size of evidence prevents potential abuse and ensures efficient network operation. While too low a value may restrict the inclusion of legitimate evidence, the current setting finds a suitable compromise between limiting size and maintaining the effectiveness of the evidence mechanism.


Specifies the supported public key types for validators.

Value: ["ed25519"]

Standard value.
This parameter enhances security by explicitly specifying the supported public key type for validators.