Register a Worker Node

Register a Worker Node

Registering a worker node on the Allora Network requires downloading the allorad blockchain client, creating and backup up a blockchain key, funding that key, and then configuring your worker node.

  • Install the alloradclient by following the instructions here
  • Using the allorad application, create a new key. Take note of the mnemonic restore phrase. It will be needed for the configuration options to start the node.
  • allorad keys add myNewNode
  • Fund the Key on the network environment you plan to run the worker, (i.e. testnet faucet, the worker will be running on testnet). One can obtain funds on our testnet through our faucet as explained here.
  • The node will initialize and verify its registration on the chain, and then attempt a registration transaction using the provided configuration. As long as the account is funded, this registration process should be seamless, and the node should automatically update when needed through this path.
  • --allora-chain-topic-id "1"																					#The topic the node will compete in
    --allora-node-rpc-address ""		#The RPC Endpoint for the Allora Blockchain
    --allora-chain-key-name "mNodeKey"                									#The name of a key stored in the Allora Blockchain Wallet
    --allora-chain-restore-mnemonic "roses turkeys"   									#The restore mnemonic for an Allora Blockchain Wallet
    --allora-node-rpc-address string "allora chain"   									#The address for the client to connect to a node. (default "http://localhost:26657") 

The node will create a registration to the Allora L1 using this key information for registration.

  • Add an Off-Chain boot node, to connect to the worker messaging queues. The Allora Network is a dual P2P network. You're worker node will need to boot to the mesh, and listen for coordination and work from other off-chain nodes.
  • --boot-nodes /dns4/

A completed startup command should resemble the following

allora-node \
--role=worker \
--peer-db=/tmp/pdb \
--function-db=/tmp/fdb \
--runtime-path=/app/runtime \
--runtime-cli=bls-runtime \
--workspace=workspace \
--private-key=/data/keys/priv.bin \
--log-level=debug \
--port=9010 \
--boot-nodes=/dns4/ \
--allora-chain-home-dir=/data/.allorad \ \
--allora-chain-key-name=mNodeKey \
--allora-chain-topic-id=1 \
--topic=1 \

Keys and Signing Methods

For both workers and reputers, two set of keys are needed.

  1. Allora keys, which are regular ECDSA Cosmos-based appchain keys. Allora keys are used for communication with the chain.
  2. Blockless keys, which are p2p peer (opens in a new tab) keys. Blockless keys are used for communication with other Allora Network blockless-based nodes, including head, worker, and reputer nodes.

Token rewards overview

Workers will receive rewards based on their performance in inference and forecasting tasks, measured as losses in relation to the network values. Reputers will receive rewards based on their stake. The network supports stake delegation. Rewards are sent to the Allora Network balance.